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775 New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

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Servicios de PNYC

Manufacture, Supply and Assembly

Manufacture, supply and installation of all types of mechanical systems and structures, as well as industrial equipment.


We provide certified machinery and system relocation services for the manufacture, installation and repair of pressure vessels, being authorised and registered in Seville with no. SE-AP-57 and SE-FAP-100.


Welding procedures and welders certified to European and ASME standards for any type of TIG, MIG or arc welding work.


We comply with the applicable European directives and CE marking requirements.

A wide variety of surface treatments

  • Industrial blasting

  • Corrosive industrial paint applications

  • Pipe wrapping

  • Passive protection

  • Hydroblasting

  • Tank bottom protection and repair

  • Surface fireproofing

Cooled and steelwork equipment.


Experts in steelworks equipment. We manufacture and install cooled equipment, flues, combustion chambers, as well as panels and roofs made of steel and copper.

  • EAF roofs
  • EAF rooftops
  • Steel and copper panels for EAF roofs
  • EAF cooled ducts.
  • LF roofs.
Equipos Refrigerados PNYC



Manufacture in carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, PVC, polyurethane, duplex, super duplex, copper…


Systems for all types of elements: water, compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, grease, lime, graphite powder, argon…


A wide range of diameters and thicknesses.


Experts in the installation of fire protection systems.

Tuberías PNYC

Tanks, hoppers and silos


Manufacture and installation of tanks, silos and hoppers for all industrial sectors.


Design and manufacture of pressure equipment with CE marking according to Directive 97/23/CE in a wide range of materials.


Cutting, bending and folding of sheets of various thicknesses in our facilities.

Depósitos, Tolvas y Silos - PNYC

Metal structures


We manufacture and assemble metal supports, structures and enclosures for all types of industrial facilities and buildings, as well as civil and public works.

Welded or bolted structures, in standardised or prefabricated profiles.

We have CE marked metal structures, as well as welders approved to the European standard UNE and the American standard ASME.

Estructuras Metálicas - PNYC

Other mechanical systems and equipment


Manufacture and assembly of dust collection filters, sieves, turbines, food industry machinery (mills, blenders…), heavy mobile equipment, valve blocks, multiway valves, exchangers…

Manufacture and refurbishment of (dynamic and static) equipment and machinery.

Precision machining of small, medium-sized and large parts.

Otros Equipos e instalaciones mecánicas

Prefabricated Ship Components


More than 30 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry.


Manufacture and installation of inspection hatches, foundations, coamings, masts, bitts, platforms and tackles, stairs, pipe supports…

Pre fabricados Navales - PNYC


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Other Services

  • Design

    Detail engineering services for the design of metal structures, process systems, vessels, pipelines and mechanical systems. Preparation of general and detail

  • Industrial Maintenance

    Design, implementation and development of mechanical maintenance systems in all types of industrial plants.   We offer an exhaustive service, designing