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775 New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

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Servicios de PNYC

Industrial Maintenance

Design, implementation and development of mechanical maintenance systems in all types of industrial plants.


We offer an exhaustive service, designing and executing the necessary works for a proper preventive, corrective or predictive maintenance.


We guarantee the availability, reliability and efficient use of the systems, allowing for cost minimisation without, however, losing sight of the principle of compliance with the criteria of safety, quality and environmental compatibility.

We operate under various contract modalities:

  • Unit price contract

  • Cost-plus contract

  • Lump sum contract with bonuses and penalties

We are experts in the planning and execution of planned outages.


Contact us for more information about our services.

Other Services

  • Design

    Detail engineering services for the design of metal structures, process systems, vessels, pipelines and mechanical systems. Preparation of general and detail

  • Manufacture, Supply and Assembly

    Manufacture, supply and installation of all types of mechanical systems and structures, as well as industrial equipment.   We provide certified