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PNYC - Quiénes Somos

The Company

PNYC is a company specialising in the design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of industrial systems.


We began our activity in 1980 in the shipbuilding industry and since then, we have progressively broaden our range of services and extended our scope of work to other sectors, such as the mining, iron and steel, energy, aeronautical, food, petrochemical or construction industries.


Our strategy is based on the continued development of our employee’s talent, quality policies that allow for the continuous improvement of our organisation management and the incorporation of new technologies in our processes as a lever for growth.


The final goal is to provide competitive services that meet the quality standards of our customers and allow us to build long-term partnerships with them.


PNYC has consolidated itself as a national benchmark in its industry and we intend to face new challenges in our expansion process, including the internationalisation of our activities.

Empresa PNYC

Our Mission and Vision



To build and maintain mechanical industrial systems, based on the criteria of operability and durability, with the best products, processes and technologies, and supported by a highly qualified and versatile human team that is committed to excellence.




To be an industrial service company that serves as a benchmark in our target markets through a comprehensive offer that responds to the needs of our customers, establishing common goals and fostering long-term relationships with them.

Our Team and Facilities

PNYC’s trajectory and continuity have been made possible by the qualification and dedication of its human team.


We count on a workforce of more than 100 professionals with the best education, dynamic profiles and the ability to adapt to the market requirements, working within a modern and effective organisational structure with efficient management process that allow us to meet the needs of our customers.


One of our main priorities is safety at work, to which we devote substantial resources.


PNYC has its headquarters in Seville, next to the motorway to Malaga, and a branch (office and workshops) in San Roque (Cadiz), where we have the latest equipment to meet the manufacturing and/or assembly requirements of the projects contracted.

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